Recent papers are listed under the relevant sections in current research.

A complete list of publications from group members can be found on the IST repository.

Selected Publications

Hledik, M., Barton, N.H., Tkacik, G. (2022). Accumulation and maintenance of information in evolution. PNAS (in press)

Surendranadh P., Arathoon L.S., Baskett C., Field D., Pickup M., Barton N.H. (2022). Effects of fine-scale population structure on the distribution of heterozygosity in a long-term study of Antirrhinum majus. Genetics. 221(3), iyac083.

Barton, N.H., Etheridge, and A.M., Veber, A. (2017). The infinitesimal model: definition, derivation and implications.Theoretical Population Biology, 118, 50-73.

Ringbauer, H., Coop, G., and Barton, N.H. (2017). Inferring recent demography from isolation by distance of long shared sequence blocks. Genetics, 205, 1335-1351.

Barton, N.H., Briggs, D.E.G., Eisen, J.A., Goldstein, D.B., and Patel, N.H. (2007). Evolution. NY: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.