Latest News

20th December 2023
Congratulations to Oluwafunmilola Olusanya on successfully defending her PhD thesis on “Local adaptation, genetic load and extinction in metapopulation”!!

28th September 2023
Congratulations to Michal Hledik on successfully defending his PhD thesis on “Genetic information and biological optimization”!

28th September 2023
Congratulations to Louise on successfully defending her PhD thesis on Investigating Inbreeding Depression and the Self-Incompatibility Locus of Antirrhinum majus“!

20th July 2023
Congratulations to Gemma on successfully defending her PhD thesis on “The Molecular Basis of Sexual Dimoprhism”!

26th April 2022
Nick Barton was awarded an ERC advanced grant for the project: “Understanding the evolution of continuous genomes”. Check out the press release from ISTA here, and more can be read about the research project here.

18th March 2022
Congratulations to Stefanie on successfully defending her PhD thesis on ‘The Genetic Basis of Complex Traits Studied via Analysis of Evolve and Resequence Experiments’!

22nd February 2022
Congratulations to Lenka, who successfully defended her PhD thesis on ‘Genetic basis of flower colour as a model for adaptive evolution’!

28th February 2021
We are recruiting volunteers for our coming field season. If you would like to help us study snapdragons in the Spanish Pyrenees, please see here for all the information.

14th December 2020
At our group meeting last month, we tried to work out the connections between all of our various projects. Post docs, Sean, Dasha and Anja, turned the resulting connections into a graphic, and our PI, Nick, turned that into a Christmas cake!

27th Novemebr 2020
Eniko Edelsbrunner has produced a video showcasing life and work in the Barton Group and showing some of the diverse research topics we cover. Check it out on our homepage!

23rd September 2020
We updated our group picture for the website homepage with a group video, shot by recent PhD graduate Eniko using her drone. More Barton Group video footage to come…

We also said goodbye to post doc Christelle Fraisse, who moves to France to take up a CNRS position at Lille University.

10th September 2020
Today we went to the Vienna woods for an adventurous Barton Group Experience!

2nd September 2020
Today we officially said goodbye to post doc Dasha, who starts a new position at Uppsala University in Sweden, but we will happily still be seeing her around IST.

20th August 2020
Congratulations Eniko on successfully defending your PhD thesis on ‘Local adaptation in metapopulations’!